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Stand By Me Still (CD)

Stand By Me Still - Songs for Healing

From the album cover:

When our first attempt at a live recording called Your Dwelling Place: Songs for Healing became one of our better-selling albums, we realized how many of us need healing. It did not exactly come as a surprise. Jesus' earthly ministry had placed those in pain and suffeing at the peak of His concerns. He touched them. He laid hands on them. He prayed for them. He anointed them with oil.

In all world religions today, accounts of many miracles of healing come through human hands: clasped n prayer or outstreched in embrace. But this we learn: God's love and power to heal can come from many methods and modalities, performed by people alive in spirit, in proximity or at a distance.

To Many of our friends, the songs from that first trial of ours, despite how raw and amateurish we sounded, have somehow alleviated their sufferings. The how and why, we do not know, but we embrace their stories with praise and gratitude.

Stand By Me Still is a live recording of a concert that we staged in Sacred Heart Parish (Cebu) and Loyola House of Studies (Manila). Just as our first healing CD guided many towards the open arms of the Lord, we do hope that this album will find you already in His embrace.


  1. Psalm 23
  2. Hide Not Your Face
  3. Arms of Love
  4. Power of Your Love
  5. You are Mine
  6. I Love the Lord
  7. Pilgrim's Theme
  8. Psalm 51
  9. One More Gift
  10. My Soul Finds Rest
  11. In My Heart
  12. Come to Jesus
  13. Be Quiet, Be Still
  14. Magnificat
  15. In Him Alone
  16. Sa 'Yo Lamang/Tanging Yaman/Panunumpa Medley
  17. Stand By Me Still

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