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Lauds 7 - Take My Hands

There is a familiar fragrance to these old songs. They smell like plenty of memories--with details right down to that particular day one sang the songs, the church where one sang them, and whose voices were heard--children's voices, nuns', a church-full of people's, or the voice of a one-person choir!


  1. One Little Candle (Click to hear an MP3 clip.)
  2. On This Day
  3. Lord Have Mercy
  4. For The Love Of The Lord
  5. Take Our Bread
  6. Our Father
  7. Sing A Song To The Lord
  8. Song To Mary
  9. I Believe
  10. Take My Hands
  11. I Go My Merry Way
  12. I Received The Living God
  13. Our Lady Of Fatima
  14. We Bring You Now Our Thanks
  15. New Life
  16. One God (Click to hear an MP3 clip.)
  17. Dios Te Salve, Maria
  18. Fill The World With Love (Click to hear an MP3 clip.)

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  Lauds 7 - Take My Hands (CD)   $12.95    

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