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Something More: Songs for Skeptics

It begins quietly enough: A sudden sadness about things, a strange light in the most ordinary place, or just a vague suspicion that something fresh is waiting to be discovered somewhere.

Moments such as these are beginnings to prayer -- unexpected, undeserved gifts given not only to seekers, but even to the skeptics among us.

But all of us are seekers and skeptics. For these are the times when we find God, though more often than not, it is only God who seeks us.

Something More: Songs for Skeptics is a collection of very personal prayers. If you let them, they can speak to you in different seasons of your life -- in seasons when your soul is restless, or when your heart has been, for some reason, hardened.

We pray that these songs will lead you to your moments of prayer, to seek the One whose heart never tires of seeking yours.

-- Johnny C. Go, SJ


The album features well-known artists like Ariel Rivera, Jose Mari Chan and Tony Award winner Lea Salonga.


  1. One More Gift
  2. I Beg to Fall in Love with Thee, My Lord
  3. Teach My Heart
  4. Simeon's Canticle
  5. Jesus on the Cross
  6. All Shall be Well (Click to hear an MP3 clip.)
  7. Out of Roads (Click to hear an MP3 clip.)
  8. Something More
  9. How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place
  10. Empty Space
  11. Let Your Spirit
  12. Song of John
  13. Gather Me
  14. You Fill My Heart
  15. Life Forevermore (Click to hear an MP3 clip.)

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